IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) PROGRAMME SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2019 – 2020

IGNOU B.SC Solved Assignment For 2019 -2020 Session

Course Name Course Code Download PDF
Foundation Course in English-1 Or Foundation Course in Hindi-2 FEG-01/Feg-02 Download
Foundation Course in Science and Technology FST-01 Download
Foundation Course in Hindi BHDF-01 Download
Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences FHS-1 Download
Foundation Course in English FEG-02 Download
Anyone of the following Courses
Foundation Course in Bengali FGB-01 Download
Foundation Course in Gujarati FGT 1 Download
Foundation Course in English-2 FEG-2 Download
Foundation Course in Hindi-1 FHD-1 Download
Foundation Course in Sanskrit BSKF-01 Download
Elective Courses of Life Sciences
Cell Biology LSE-01 Download
Ecology LSE-02 Download
Genetics LSE-03 Download
Laboratory Course-I LSE-04(L) Download
Physiology LSE-05 Download
Developmental Biology LSE-06 Download
Taxonomy and Evolution LSE-07 Download
Laboratory Course-II LSE-08(L) Download
Animal Diversity-I LSE-09 Download
Animal Diversity-II LSE-10 Download
Animal Diversity Lab LSE-11(L) Download
Plant Diversity-I LSE-12 Download
Plant Diversity-II LSE-13 Download
Plant Diversity Lab LSE-14(L) Download
Elective Courses of Physics
Elementary Mechanics PHE-01 Download
Oscillations and Waves PHE-02 Download
Physics Laboratory-I BPHL-103 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-I PHE-04 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-II PHE-05 Download
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics PHE-06 Download
Electric and Magnetic Phenomena PHE-07 Download
Physics Laboratory-II PHE-08(L) Download
Optics. PHE-09 Download
Electrical Circuits and Electronics PHE-10 Download
Modern Physics PHE-11 Download
Physics Laboratory-III PHE-12(L) Download
Physics of Solids PHE-13 Download
Mathematical Methods in Physics-III PHE-14 Download
Astronomy and Astrophysics PHE-15 Download
Communication Physics PHE-16 Download
Elective Courses of Chemistry
Atoms and Molecules CHE-01 Download
Inorganic Chemistry CHE-02 Download
Chemistry Lab-1 CHE-03(L) Download
Physical Chemistry CHE-04 Download
Organic Chemistry CHE-05 Download
Organic Reaction Mechanism CHE-06 Download
Chemistry Lab-II CHE-07(L) Download
Chemistry Lab-III CHE-08(L) Download
Bio chemistry CHE-09 Download
Spectroscopy CHE-10 Download
Chemistry Lab-IV CHE-11(L) Download
Chemistry Lab-V CHE-12(L) Download
Application-Oriented Courses
Feature Writing (English) AFW-E Download
Feature Lekhan (Hindi) AFW (H) Download
Writing for Radio (English) AWR-E Download
Radio Lekhan (Hindi) AWR-H Download
Translation (English 4 cr. + Hindi 4 cr.) ATR-1 Download
Organizing Childcare Services ACC-1 Download
Nutrition for the Community ANC-1 Download
Human Environment (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) AHE-01 Download
Marketing AMK-1* Download
Export Procedures and Documentation AED-1* Download
Office Organization & Management AOM-1* Download
Secretarial Practice ASP-1* Download
Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) AMT-01 Download
Consumer Studies ACS-1 Download
Teaching Strategies CTE-3 Download
Teaching English – Elementary School To be taken CTE-4 Download
Teaching English – Secondary School (with CTE-3 take any one either CTE-4 or CTE-5) CTE-5 Download
Statistical Techniques AST-01** Download
Operations Research AOR-01** Download
Environmental Chemistry (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Labwork) AEC-01*** Download
Integrated Pest Management (6 cr. Theory + 2 cr. Project) APM-01**** Download
Introduction to Environment NEV-001 Download